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Christopher Benjamin

Great product. Takes care of not only collar stays, but also eliminates the need for placket stays also. An invention that handles both and keeps you looking professional all can't beat that. No need for magnets, glue dots, none of that. I think I may have researched all of that and this beats all of them. I'm a fan.

Hector Miranda

As someone who is obsessed with the appearance of my shirt collars I found the Stiff Collar Stay to be exactly what I was looking for to address the issue of a sagging collar. I have used it on all my dress shirts, with and without a blazer, and the Stiff Collar Stay keeps my collar propped up perfectly. For those of us who prefer an extra button undone the Collar Stay helps keep your collar up and provides for a sharp appearance.. You will feel the Collar Stay but you get used it very quickly

Danny Boy 

If you really like an awesome look with your shirts as well as polos, you should definitely give it a try to Collar Stays. Just make sure you order the correct size and follow the instructions on how to use it. It works great when using sweaters or big jackets.

Stanley Haley

I purchased two of these items enhance the look of my corporate attire on casual Fridays (no ties) I love the sturdiness of the collar stay and the crisp profile that it provides with or without my sport jacket all throughout the day. Thanks Stiff Collar Stay! This item is a definite must-have for anyone with a collared shirt but not wanting to wear a tie. Thanks again!

Works great to keep my collar upright and not "floppy" looking. It's easy to use bendable for adjustments. I bought this for a wedding in Southern California and did not want to wear a tie. I have had problems in the past with my collar slipping under my blazer and the Collar Stays kept me looking presentable.

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