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Solve the four annoying shirt collar problems and customize it with
Collar Shaper

Imitated but NEVER duplicated!
We are The Original Shirt Collar Support. Don't be fooled by Copycats

Immediate benefits

It makes your shirt look expensive

It makes your collar look custom tailored

It gives your shirts new and extended life

One solution for all collar shirt problems!!

To buy, click over your selection on the images below

FREE Shipping

Collar Shaper works great without requiring magnets, glue dots or expensive and complicated shirt alterations!

How It Works

With the shirt on, raise the shirt collar.

Man with Collar stays

Place and center the Collar Shaper  around the shirt collar and adjust it as desired. Ensure that the ends do not show in front of the shirt.

Man with Collar stays

Lower the shirt collar to cover the  Collar ShaperAdjust the lower legs to the height of shirt collar while avoiding to make them visible below the collar.

Collar styles adjustments

Adjust the entire shape to any style

Shirt type adjustments

Adjust the lower legs to the height of the collar 


Casual & Button down


Collar Stays
Collar Stays
Collar Stays

One solution for all your collar shirts!!

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